About Us

Hey Beautiful, 

We are glad you're here. We hope you decide to stay and join us in our journey, to make our dreams come true.

In case, you are wondering, Ruhaaniyatt means soulfulness. It resonated so well with us, we knew right away, this is how we wanted to be known. Ruhaaniyatt is the brain child of Mrs. Seema Chadha. 

As a young woman, with dreams in her eyes, and willingness to empower fellow women, by her work, Seema set ahead on her journey. She believes a woman is most powerful when she's comfortable in her own skin. She wanted to help more and more women, be as confident and ambitious as her. She decided to make fashion comfortable. Her strong belief that every woman creates fashion when she is confident, led to the realization that confidence stems comfort. She wanted to break barriers that made little girls and young women  believe that fashion is for the select few. Seema was set on making fashion comfortable , easy and simple. Something everyone could relate to. 

But life took over and she willingly devoted her time to her family. But she did not give up on her dream. She kept her passion for designing and creating masterpieces alive. She became the perfect home maker and when time came , her giving nature paid back. Her daughter took it on her shoulders to help fulfil her dream. And that is when the mother-daughter duo built Ruhaaniyatt from scratch, with the same vision, energy, and intent as the young Seema had. 

Just like our story, our clothes come with the same amount of love and soul. Right from weaving to handcrafting the right design for you, we do it with all our soul. We make sure, to always have something that will catch your eye and take your heart away. 

Our collection is updated keeping in mind the the changing weather and latest trends. And mind you, our clothes are as comfortable as "Mom Hugs". So we know you'll keep coming for more. 

Now that you know all about us , check out our latest collection and fill up that cart. 

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With love and "Mom Hugs"